Alriyadh Travel and Tourism Company


Our company provides distinguished services in the field of travel and tourism to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on providing unique travel experiences that combine comfort and variety, making every trip an unforgettable experience. We consider travel and exploration to be essential pillars in every person’s life, and from this standpoint, in our company, we offer a comprehensive range of services that make every travel trip an unforgettable experience.

Booking and issuing local and international tickets

The platform helps reduce the time and effort required to conduct searches and reservations for customers. Thanks to an easy-to-use interface and streamlined design, agencies can complete bookings quickly and easily, saving effort and time for themselves and their clients

Hotel, resort and hotel apartment reservations

We have hotel reservations, resort reservations, hotel apartment reservations, private villa reservations, and a free upgrade to a suite for senior guests. We also have room service for senior guests, laundry service is available for senior guests, and spa service is also available for senior guests.

Various tourism programs

We coordinate domestic and international tourism programs with tourist tours, reception and farewell at all airports in the world and international mobile SIM cards. We also have the service of issuing an international license and treatment programs.

Shipping services

This service includes air, land, and sea freight services. Of course, here is the expansion and detailing of freight services to include air, land, and sea services. Air freight services: - Comprehensive air freight solutions: We provide fast and efficient air freight services to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination safely and on time. – Shipment tracking: We provide a tracking system that allows you to follow the movement of your shipment around the clock to know its exact location. – Customs clearance: We provide customs clearance services to simplify and speed up the process of releasing your shipment from air ports. Land shipping services: – Reliable land transportation network: We provide high-quality and reliable land shipping services that ensure your shipment reaches its destination quickly and safely. – Shipment Tracking: You can track your shipment via road or rail using our advanced tracking system. – Warehouse Distribution: We provide warehouse distribution services to facilitate the efficient storage and distribution of your shipments within the target area. Sea freight services: - Integrated sea freight solutions: We provide integrated sea freight services that include temporary storage, loading and unloading to ensure that your shipment arrives quickly and safely. – Marine clearance services: We provide customs clearance services to ensure that your shipment is cleared quickly and effectively through seaports. – Shipment insurance: We provide shipment insurance services to protect your shipment from any loss or damage during sea transportation

Medical trips

We provide medical travel services to clients seeking high-quality medical care in tourist destinations. Our services include: 1. Arranging medical appointments: We help our clients arrange appointments for medical examinations and operations according to their needs and schedule. 2. Medical consultations: We provide consultation services with specialized doctors to help customers make decisions about appropriate treatments. 3. Hotel and transportation reservations: We provide accommodation reservations and appropriate means of transportation for our customers to ensure their comfort and ease of transportation. 4. Accompanied tourist trips: We offer integrated tourism programs to accompany clients during their recovery period, so that they can enjoy the beauty of tourist destinations in addition to receiving treatment. 5. Post-treatment follow-up: We are keen to follow up on clients’ condition after the end of treatment and provide the necessary support to ensure the success of the recovery process. We strive to provide an outstanding treatment experience for our clients, as we place personal care and quality service at the core of our services

Exhibitions and conferences

This service includes providing a special team for organizing exhibitions and conferences, booking halls, receiving exhibition or conference employees, receiving guests from the airport, distributing invitations, accompanying VIPs, and coordinating tables. We also have the service of organizing hot and light meals, a crew to accompany outside the Kingdom, arranging housing, transportation, and logistical support, facilitating all travel procedures, and providing support. And media documentation


This service includes the luxury cruise service. We also provide our customers with luxurious travel experiences on board our modern and comfortable cruise ships, making every cruise experience an unforgettable experience. Our services include: 1. Choosing wonderful destinations: We offer a variety of cruises to the most important tourist destinations around the world, allowing you to choose the destination that suits the goals of your trip. 2. Multi-destination trips: We offer trips that combine several destinations in one trip, allowing you to explore a diverse mix of cultures and landscapes. 3. Luxury amenities: Our cruise ships include luxurious facilities such as swimming pools, spa, fine dining, and theaters, to make your cruise an unforgettable experience. 4. Activities and Entertainment: We provide various entertainment programs on board, including live shows, workshops, and social activities, to make your trip full of fun and entertainment. 5. Excellent customer service: We care about every detail of your trip and always strive to provide exceptional customer service that makes your experience with us easy and enjoyable. We always strive to provide exceptional marine travel experiences that meet the expectations of our valued customers, and we are happy to provide everything they need to spend enjoyable and comfortable times on board our ships.

Study abroad services

This service includes coordinating undergraduate and postgraduate studies and studying different languages around the world, whether English, Chinese, French, and other international languages.

Domestic and international transportation services

This service includes car rental of all types, reception and farewell from the airport, car rental with a private driver, and bus rental. It also includes local and international train tickets. A special price is available for groups.

Issuing international visas and licenses

This service includes filling out issuance forms, issuing tourist, educational, work and business visas for any foreign country, receiving the applicant in front of the embassy, booking a fingerprint appointment, receiving the passport after issuance, and delivering the passport.

Hajj, Umrah and Islamic religious shrines

This service includes ground transportation, lodging, and food in Mecca and Medina. It also includes lodging and food in Mashal Arafat, Muzdalifah, and Mina. It also includes flight reservations, operating a media center, information technology, medical services, and translators.


This service includes hotel and transportation reservations, trips to tourist attractions, adventure trips, and tour guide service.